Dennis with Flag


America We Stand As One is a dedication to our brave heros and all our Loved Ones who have passed away. The New American Rock Anthem fills you full of hope and comforts you with a spiritual message from our Loved Ones, that they're still with us, but in a different way. Have faith and believe and they will always be with us.


A Man with a Song to share with the world.Dennis Madalone, best known as one of Hollywood's top Stunt Coordinator's,with television credits such as Star Trek and the CBS hit 'Without A Trace,' isnow known as the artist with the most downloaded Music Videoon the internet.  'America We Stand As One,' The CD/DVD  has taken flight worldwide.Fresh out of South Plainfield High School, Madalone moved from New Jerseyto Hollywood California with only fifty-two bucks in his pocket. Determined,energized, and passionate, Dennis' dream came true. He has evolved from a"Jersey-Jock" into a Hollywood Stunt Coordinator. Madalone has not onlyexcelled with his physical abilities but his charisma landed him on TheTonight Show with Johnny Carson, Regis and Kathie Lee, Arsenio Hall,and many others.

As much as Dennis loves the stunts he also has a special place in his heartfor music.  As a teen he took Guitar lessons, and would hang out on theJersey Shore writing songs and entertaining his friends. Now his passionfor music is pouring out, using the same drive he had in the movie industry,Madalone is now using it in his music career. "America We Stand As One" is sung from his heart and soul. His compassionand love for others inspires him to write lyrics and create melodies based onhis life experiences. His desire to share those feelings is so that it may be ofreflective comfort in "your" life. In the song "America We Stand As One", His message is to "carry on, holdon and stay strong for we all are truly ONE". Dennis' song wishes to fillyour heart and soul full of pride, hope and love for the world but mostimportantly, each other. 

* A thought:  What are the chances for a Man, an unknown musician in themiddle of his life to become known in several countries for a Song that hastouched the hearts of children and adults for it's spirituality, compassionand dedication to our loved ones. What were the chances of this songprevailing' Dennis and 'America We Stand As One,' is a message ofTruth... if you believe in something good and your intentions are pure,then the wings of Love will carry it around the world. "Always Believe".Blessings,Baby Crow